Eros by Versace – A comprehensive cologne review.

versace eros
versace eros
versace eros

Amazing, Attracting and Accentuating are all the words I could use for this beautiful bottle of boldness. It was my boyfriend’s birthday and I decided to give him something that is “The Brand” and yet affordable. Then, my friends suggested me this fragrance. Initially I was doubtful about the product but the name itself was alluring. The perfume is named after Greek God of love, Eros. Also the brand is Italian luxury which itself is known for its quality.

My friend also used it and gifted it to her partner as well which added a vote for my reason to buy it. I have used other fragrances of this brand so it was a familiarity and trust which made me buy this. I will say its truly symbol of masculinity and sensuality which really made my boyfriend feel like a Greek God. The perfume smells so strong and glamorous. Its perfect for a pub/party. It smells of vanilla and mint with a hint of lemon in it. When he opened the bottle he could smell some apple too.

The perfume is totally a Yes for bar and clubbing when you really want to stand out in a crowd and the best part is it lasts for whole night, approximately 8-10hours. It’s super sweet and vibrant and brings a wave of freshness in the room. Also the perfume totally fits in the bill and one cannot regret buying it. He totally loved the fragrance and uses it whenever we go out at night or for a date. He also bought another one of it, its one of his favourite now like a standard one.Its an aroma therapy for me too as it creates a good and enchanting vibe .It comes in a turquoise coloured glass flacon available in two volumes 50 ml and 100 ml .

Versace Eros truly is one of the most amazing colognes for men out there. Check this guide for more.

The contents are Mint Oil, Italian lemon, Green apple, Tonka bean, Geranium flower, Vanilla, Vetiver, Moss and Cedar wood. The bottle is sleek and handy and you can carry it along, especially for men who likes not much decorated bottles yet classy look. Its available easily in many online as well as local stores. I would say its a small package of big WOW in it and I will give it a A+ .

Totally recommending it to all the men who wants to make an impression and to all the girls who want a gift for their loved ones a huge combo of sexiness and charm in one bottle.Go grab it and I give you my word, you will receive tons of compliments. I think women can use it too in small amount for a party or the ladies who likes strong or masculine aura.

It won’t smell bad or inappropriate as I have used it too. Give it a try, this sexy beast is the vibe changer. For some people it may be too strong or give a headache so suit yourself before buying. But for the intense and passionate ones, its Love. I would surely buy it again and again…

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