Tower Adventurer Inflatable Review

tower adventurer paddle board

The Tower Adventure is probably one of the easiest and best paddle boards for beginners or enthusiastic paddlers. Not only does it have a great appearance it is quite rigid on both tips and at the center as well.

The package includes a 9’10” by 32” by 6” inflatable board, a rugged deck pad with a back kick tail, 2+1 fin structure fitted with a detachable center fin.

It also has a gripping strap, a carrying strap to wrap up after deflating, toeing ring on the front and a leash attached to the back.

Many paddlers consider the Tower Adventure to be one of the best iSUPs for the money based on performance, price and quality of this board. It is well suited for people who want some extra space to accommodate a friend or pet or even some little bit of yoga.

Just to mention, this SUP might fit to be better than EPS/Eproxy boards. 

Town Adventurer iSUP Main Features 

· HIGHLY RIGID – it holds a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs on the water. When fully inflated, it gets as hard as a piece of wood or similar to a hard board.

· DURABLE – made of military grade PVC material and rugged material (like those in zodiac boats).

· 2-YEAR WARRANTY – includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which entails everything outside normal wear and tear.

· PORTABLE – it is easily deflated, and measures a diameter of 1 foot when rolled up. It can be easily transported in various places. It is also worth mentioning the board can be checked out at the airport.

Setting up the board is very easy. Since the board is not that long, it will take you a few minutes to inflate. The last time I inflated, it took me roughly 10 minutes to fill the board.

The pump gauge will take a while to move up. Don’t worry though, it starts registering pressure towards the end as it gets harder to pump.

Although it was tested at 25psi (and still worked fine), the recommended pressure is 11psi for full rigidity. I inflated mine at 11.21psi, used it several times on the lake and did not reinflate each time. I must say it holds air very well.

When inflated at it recommended pressure, the board does feel like a solid SUP and did not cave inside at the center. It can withstand small waves and works best in still waters.

The rubber grip on the board makes it much easier to hold grip on your feet while standing. This is the closest you can get to an eproxy/ fibreglass board while still being inflatable. Overall, it’s an excellent SUP.

Tower Adventurer Paddle Board
Tower Adventurer Paddle Board

The Down Side

The most notable is mainly on the package itself. It is worth mentioning that the Tower Adventurer does not come with a carry bag.

There are also no extra D-rings for attaching gear or other accessories like bunjee cords. Although many smaller boards do not have the D-rings as well, it would have been better if the manufacturer made such adjustments.

Final Thoughts

The Adventurer is an excellent SUP. It is very rigid, well designed and has a better performance than other small boards in the market. This board is ideal for starters seeking to explore waterways on different locations.

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